The Importance of Open Source and Right-To-Repair

I do find that sad the relationship we’ve created with. Machines. The way we let them control us the way we Feet into them.

I can only imagine. Now, it’s different in other places compared to Here. Where we live? As somebody who’s always been interested in technology and electronic specifically. I’ve always. Had a fascination for. The progress inside of Learning. These techniques and tools. Unfortunately, there’s quite a technical barrier that A lot of people.

All right, able to cross and Probably don’t want to cross. But or don’t even know if they want to cross. But, It is important to. You know, understand our technology and how it works and How we can fix it, and Own and control it. Now, as i Begin reflecting on.

Artificial intelligence and technology. In relationship to our humanness I think it’s important to.

Break it into. A couple of sections. And i do, believe the sections will unfold as i Dive into them. And i don’t. Expect myself to create them ahead of time. But as i see it now. The sections will be.

Relating to.

The relationship of AI and workers and the workplace. Understanding. How to Own and repair your technology.

And, Future of Hey, i and the possibilities of Technology, for the advancement of humans.

Administ reflection. I want to Scratch, the surface of But it might mean to. Fix your own technology to to truly own it. In a landscape and world where corporations create locks and chains on. The devices that we rely on to do. Every task. We need. You know, from your phone, App store.

Where if you have apple. You can only use their very, very selected. Few. Group of apps. And if you use android, Then malware around every corner.

There is. A reality of. You know, open source technology where Having a level of freedom can create. More innovation. Obviously, two freedom too much, freedom leads to lack of structure. And less development. But, Having a rigid structure for, you know, multiple teams of developers to follow.

Without. An overarching. Profit motive. Hanging above them. I think. Advanced. Open source technology, even further. There’s so many. Great examples of open source, technology. You know, linux is the core of Computing, as we know it. Almost every popular operating system has. Some. Parts of linux built into them.

Even. Android.

Probably. All these random. Graphing calculators. That exist, even nowadays.

It’s important to learn how to fix your technology. I think cars is a great example of this. And if you look at, You know the 50, 60 70s. Errors of cars. There’s much more openness, much more availability for parts. Much more information resources. Versus nowadays, if you buy a expensive car, You pretty much can only take it to that dealership and have those technicians repair it.

While you have no control. To anything inside of the car or access to the computer.

It is pretty ridiculous to pay. Upwards of 60 thousand dollars for a tesla. And, Pretty much give up all control of your vehicle, both software, and hardware to the company. When you could buy a car for less than 20 thousand dollars, Where you can? Spend a few weeks. And learn.

Every bit and piece of it. And where you can buy materials, and Fix it. Obviously, that is its own process and pretty unreasonable, but

This is just an interesting juxtaposition to.

The current reality of luxury vehicles looks like, Beyond that looking at computers. If you have a laptop. Like a macbook. And you take it to a quote unquote, authorized retailer. Like, genius bar. Could take them weeks and weeks and they send it off to a third party. Repair person, who

Probably is not having the best time at work as you can. Read, in many articles across the internet, regarding the working conditions of Apple repair facilities.

Weeks and weeks, spend thousands of dollars for them to bend a pin back or Tell you something can’t work versus. Going to an independent. Maintenance person who can Complete the service or tell you what you need and Obviously, it’s very difficult to know. Where to get your computer serviced, or what even you might need but with how resourceful the internet is nowadays.

It is something that People should. Work to understand is how they can do some basic maintenance on their computer or How they could fix it. If needed. And some very basic ways. But it’s something that’s very difficult to ask working people to spend time doing. Because they have to take.

Time out of their schedule. Their schedule that You know, maintains their material condition. So, to take time to learn how to do, You know, bill, you know, fix a computer or Fix a phone, or fix a car. Sometimes not worth it. For some people. But, In the long run, these skills help us.

Become more in tune with our technology. Help us control our technology, they make Our money more valuable. In this current system as we Acquire new technology and face problems with it. Also can help us with waste and

It’s it’s a healthy mental process to go through of. Purchasing something. Using it having a break fixing it, and then using it. Once you’ve fixed it. Instead of discarding it purchasing in another.

It’s kind of sad to see how many of these companies especially apple. Encourage people to throw away. Things that are perfectly fine. In lieu of Buying something that’s brand new. But that. Is purely the Profit mode of model and most technology companies rely on that model. Unless they are open source.

So, I do encourage you to support. Open source developers, open source, technology. Encourage you to. Learn about your technology that you own. Try to understand how long. It will last, you truly. If you learn how to maintain it and take care of it, And those things. Will liberate us from the companies that want us to not think about these things.