“somewhere between NxWorries’ eclectic grooves and Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s sample range, REY & DVOID capture a multitude of moods and tones that reflect a sincere and heavy reverence for Tucson throughout their joint project, CHIPPED PAINTED PICTURES. the project moves between a series of narratives that REY fleshes out with vivid details and personal anecdotes over DVOID’s ethereal boom-bap. from the drowsy bounce of “South 6th,” where REY delivers an ode to Chicanx car clubs, low rider oldies and hood politics; and the slow unwinding of “Low Theory,” which show-cases DVOID’s psychedelic lo-fi sensibility. Chipped Painted Pictures is an honest body of work from two honest and prolific musicians. REY has been making music since 2010, and, throughout the project, you can hear the confidence and poignancy that comes with time in his voice as he wrestles with family legacies and the realities of social injustices present in Arizona. DVOID, on the other hand, has been making music since 2016; relatively less time but you wouldn’t be able to tell. DVOID’s beat-making morphs at a rapid rate and his sample selection gives his beats a range that has no audible boundaries. a DVOID beat has the crunch and swing of classic Flying Lotus, except what differentiates him from FlyLo is how Tucson his beats sound. melancholic, droning, unraveling. the perfect sound-scape for REY’s poetic observations. in the lane of MC-Producer duos, REY & DVOID carve a space for themselves among pair ups like MadGibbs and Tucson legends Combine Vibes. i recommend you cue this project up as you roll a blunt or two. clocking in at half an hour, Chipped Painted Pictures is an enjoyable ride through the minds of two of Tucson’s most versatile & brilliant musicians working.”