building the lyrical lemonade website

Our modern technology is developing so so so quickly. It’s difficult to pause, and take a step back from it. I feel like Cole Bennett helps us do that culturally. Videographers seem to have that role.

There are ways to challenge and shape how we watch and perceive content. The platforms that exist now are here for specific reasons, but that’s not why we are here. There’s something special in watching something unique and powerful. Engaging and uplifting.

What’s next for how we watch videos? For how we connect with creators? For how we dive and dig through content? Maybe these are questions we can answer only with actions, to watch and feel how everyone might engage. I also am open to thoughts and ideas by maintaining an open dialogue.

We did several design renditions of the menu stickers. I believe they will probably change soon. These were originally designed by AspectsDylan and he did a fantastic job at bringing the vision to life. Bunnie Vision helped us continue evolving the sticker concepts. Having multiple designers each with different skillsets and styles was very essential for the language we are building. Energy.